We appreciate you and your business need immediate assistance if one or some of your computers suddenly crashes.

Our aim is to get businesses back on their feet and running at optimum performance as swiftly and effectively as possible.

With 20 years’ experience and expertise, we can cope with any computer or IT crisis and are we keep up to date with the latest technological advances.

If there’s a dangerous bug on the loose or a virus that needs stopping we will know how to prevent it from doing any damage.

We also run the very latest secure QuickSupport suite which means we can manage problems and maintain your system remotely.

To find out more about how we can support your business, call us or contact us online.

Record Digital QuickSupport

Record Digital – providing effective solutions to all your computer needs


PCs and Macs are like human beings. As they get older, they invariably start to slow down and struggle with increased demands.

If computers are clogged up with excessive downloads and files, functional difficulties will start to occur – slowing both you and your business down when you need to be working at full speed.

Record Digital's tried and trusted preventative care programme can maximise your machines’ efficiency, extend their natural lifespan and reduce the risk of unforeseen problems.

Just a little care and investment now can save lots of time and money in future.

Our maintenance won’t disrupt your daily routine. A Record Digital MOT can be scheduled to suit you, for example, when your employees are not at their workstations. They will then return to a smooth running system.

To find out more about our preventative maintenance plans, give us a call or send an online enquiry.

Record Digital – providing effective solutions to all your computer needs


Record Digital is firmly opposed to the unnecessary and wasteful practice of scrapping perfectly good computer equipment.

We prefer the more cost effective and environmentally friendly option of repairing it.

When computers break down, it is difficult to know where to turn. Unless it is under warranty, many manufacturers and electrical stores will view your cry for help as a chance to sell updated equipment you don’t really need.

Record Digital can repair most computer makes and models and all of our work is guaranteed.

If you have any computer hardware which needs repairing or restoring please call or email now for a free consultation.

Record Digital – providing effective solutions to all your computer needs


We appreciate and understand the importance of high levels of security.

That’s why we carry out ‘no stone unturned’ security audits ranging from measures designed to stop opportunist thieves to installing firewalls and protected areas to keep potential hackers at bay.

We will also identify any weak spots on your computer system and recommend improvements to make your machines as safe as possible.

With the increasing demands of Data Protection, this is now a legal requirement for many companies so it’s important that you don’t get caught out.

Call or email us today to find out how we can keep your business safe in an uncertain world of increasing threats.

Record Digital – providing effective solutions to all your computer needs


Just imagine the consequences for your business if all of your valuable data was lost through fire, theft, malicious attack or a corrupt hard drive.

Backing up your data might seem like a mind-numbing chore - but it forms an essential and highly responsible part of any business IT housekeeping routine.

Record Digital can offer independent advice on the most cost effective solutions for your business, including off-site storage and automated facilities.

So if disaster strikes, backed up information will help your business to get back on track as quickly as possible.

To find out more about our back up service, give us a call or fill out an online enquiry form.

Record Digital – providing effective solutions to all your computer needs


Manuals for new software programmes are hardly noted for their use of plain English.

By the time you’ve deciphered the manual, another version could have hit the shops.

At Record Digital we believe our customers deserve answers to questions in simple and straightforward terms.

We provide a desk-side tutorial service which will help you get to grips with your new software as quickly as possible.

After ensuring the software is set up correctly, our friendly and relaxed service will show you how to use the elements that are most important to you and your business in the quickest possible time.

Give us a call or send an online enquiry for further information.

Record Digital – providing effective solutions to all your computer needs


Buying a computer can be a frustrating and time-consuming affair.

In today’s congested marketplace, you’ll be spoiled for choice. But do those grinning salesmen listen to your exact requirements or are they more interested in selling you something that suits their commission?

Why not let Record Digital take the strain. Thanks to 20 years of experience and expertise, we can find the ideal computer systems and products to meet your precise business needs at a price to suit your budget.

We will advise on the best computer products for your business – whether it is a new or secondhand system - from hand-held computers to full networks or printers, storage, backups and a dazzling range of other peripherals.

Record Digital also specialise in being able to network existing machines, including Apple Macs onto PC servers.

We are currently integrating Macs at Willmott Dixon Group’s offices throughout the UK with their Microsoft-based Enterprise Network.

Contact us today so we can discuss your requirements.

Record Digital – providing effective solutions to all your computer needs


Record Digital is always up to date with the latest software on the market and can offer impartial advice on all the applications you need.

We can install software, solve compatibility problems and run fixes, patches and updates to existing software – anything to ensure you get the best from your investment.

We’ll also tell you the most cost effective way of buying bundles, multiple users or one-off copies.

Our loyal customers value the high quality advice and support we offer – and our competitive prices.

For more information about our first class software support, give us a call or send us an online enquiry.

Record Digital – providing effective solutions to all your computer needs